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rayofsun's Journal

21 September
This is my life and it's not a dress rehearsal. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know it now...we'll figure it out later.
80's music, acapella, acting silly, alpha phi omega, apo, are you a turtle?, arts and crafts, beaches, beauty of nature, birthright israel, broadway, broadway musicals, broadway shows, california, chocolate, community service, computers, cooking, counseling, coupons, creative writing, cuddling, dancing, exercising, exploring, family, fellowship, food, free stuff, friends, friendship, fun, garage sales, garfield, geeks, goofing off, guitar, hamster dance, hanging out with friends, happiness, health, hebrew, helping others, huc-jir, hugs, humor, ice, ices, intelligence, intelligent conversation, islanders, israel, israeli music, jdate, jew, jewish, jewish boys, jewish communal service, jewish guys, jewish humor, jewish men, jewish music, jewish people, jews, joking, judaism, justice, karaoke, kosher, kosher cooking, laughing, lawn guyland, lcsw, leadership, learning, life, listening, listening to music, livejournal, livnot, locks of love, long hair, long island depressway, long island distressway, long walks, lotto, love, majcs, mangoes, matchmaking, matzah ball soup, meaning, mets, moxy fruvous, msw, muppets, music, musicals, nice jewish boys, ny, nyc, palindromes, parks, partners in torah, pez, poetry, postcards, religious studies, roadtrips, romance, service, shabbat, singing, sleeping, social action, social service, social work, song sessions, stupid human tricks, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, sunya, sushi, talking, teaching, thinking, thrift shops, torah, trader joes, traveling, true friends, turtles, usc, village perk, walking in the rain, willy wonka, writing, ybysaia, you-bet-your-sweet-ass-i-am, ΑΦΩ